Just some stuff I'm messing around with



As a kid, I was entranced by these spiral bound "Mix & Match" books that contained illustrations of figures - people, animals, and creatures usually. The book's pages were cut straight through in two places which severed each figure into three equal parts: head, torso, and lower body. By flipping each section of the book a random number of pages all manner of odd combinations could appear - fireman head, ballerina body, gorilla legs. For some reason, I always found the new and strange combinations created by randomly flipping the pages to be both hilarious and wildly entertaining. 

Using that as a starting point, I thought it would be interesting to do something similar with text, and poetry seemed the most probable media for such an experiment. I've written a series of ridiculous lines of verse and stashed them in three separate slideshow galleries. Because there are an unequal number of entries, each time the series completes one full cycle, the lines shift order just enough that new poems are created each time. The resulting poem disappears after ten seconds and is born anew instantly. As time goes on, I'll keep adding more options to increase the fun. Enjoy.